EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT  must be a management priority

 It’s about  employees’ attitudes toward their job, department, & company, and determines how well they perform – the value they deliver – their commitment to the organization.

                  Engaged employees feel appreciated by management. 
                  They get satisfaction from their jobs.
                  They actively think about ways to do it better.
                  They “go the extra mile.”

The level of COMMITMENT you observe

is a key factor in determining the quality of employee engagement


Employees who have made a “Commitment” to their company assume they will received something in return for the value they add: a secure jobfair compensationattention and acknowledgementsrewards, and development.

So…… reciprocity affects the level of commitment and if the expected reciprocity fails to materialize, the commitment erodes.

Any questions about why ENGAGEMENT has been eroding over the last few years?


Commitment reveals itself in the investment of time and energy (emotional, mental and sometimes physical) that an employee gives to the company.

 Pro-active work behaviors

 Self initiated “extra” contributions,

♦  Willingness to take ownership of challenges that lie beyond their immediate      assigned tasks.